M-58 Compact Mixer for Efficient Small-Batch Mixing

Meet the M-58 Compact Mixer: Your go-to for efficient mixing of up to 5 gallons of fluid or 70 pounds of cement. Discover unmatched durability and performance. Shop now!


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Introducing the M-58 Compact Mixer, the ultimate solution engineered for high-efficiency mixing tasks in small batches. Whether you're working with fluids or cement, the M-58 offers precision mixing within a compact design that's perfect for tight spaces and smaller scale projects.

Key Features:

Optimal Capacity: Mixes up to 5 gallons of fluid or 70 pounds of cement, with a recommended cement mix of 50 pounds for optimal performance.

Powerful Motor Options: Choose between a 1/2 HP motor for robust mixing needs or a more economical 1/4 HP motor for lighter tasks.

High-Quality Construction: Features Oilite bronze bearings for exceptional durability and protection against dust and dirt. The name brand motor is geared approximately 30 to 1, ensuring reliability and longevity.

User-Friendly Design: Equipped with a standard 110 volt – 60 cycle plug and cord, making it easy to use in various settings. Normal motor current is 5.3 amperes, designed for efficiency.

Fully Guaranteed: Confidence in the quality and reliability of the M-58 Compact Mixer is backed by a full guarantee.


Fluid Mix Capacity: Up to 5 gallons
Cement Mix Capacity: Up to 70 pounds (recommended mix of 50 pounds)
Electrical Requirements: 110 volt – 60 cycle current with included plug and cord
Bearings: Oilite bronze, sealed against dust and dirt

The M-58 Compact Mixer mirrors the capacity of the M-60 Mixer but stands out with its compact design and versatile motor options. It's the perfect tool for anyone looking for efficient, small-batch mixing without compromising on power or quality. Ideal for construction projects, small industrial applications, and DIY enthusiasts.

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1/2, 1/4

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