M-61-M Portable Mixer for Labs and Small Batch Production

Explore the M-61-M Portable Mixer: the ultimate solution for mixing epoxies, paints, chemicals, and more. Versatile and efficient for labs and small batch production. Learn more!


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The M-61-M Portable Mixer redefines efficiency in small batch material mixing, from epoxies and paints to chemicals, plastics, cements, inks, and adhesives. Designed for a wide range of applications, this mixer excels in laboratories, schools, and experimental work, offering a complete solution for your mixing needs.

Key Features:

Unmatched Versatility: Ideal for mixing liquids, powders, pastes, slurries, and granular materials accurately.

Portable and Easy to Clean Design: Features a removable rotating drum container and a stationary mixing paddle that ensures thorough and homogenous mixing.

Constant Drive Gear Head Motor: Choose between 1/2 HP or 1 HP motors to suit any mixing task, with fuse protection and an ON-OFF switch for safety and convenience.

Available in 5, 10, and 15-gallon capacities.
1/2 HP and 1 HP motor options for diverse applications.
Mixing speeds of 30 and 60 R.P.M., with options for hazardous location applications.

Perfect for industrial, experimental, and educational laboratories, the M-61-M facilitates experimental work and small batch production with its efficient operation and precise mixing action.

The M-61-M is your partner in efficient mixing of a variety of materials. With a wide selection of paddle designs and motor configurations, this mixer is ready for any challenge. Contact us for information on hazardous location motors and special laboratory applications.

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1, 1/2


10, 15, 5

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