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CNC machined parts manufacturer

Our CNC machines allow us to produce precision parts exactly to your design specifications. 

G-Code Designs

Our team can produce high-quality and 100% accurate CNC programs for both high and low volume parts.

Welding and manufacturing

We have the capacity to address our customers’ precision Laser Welding needs, from prototype through full-scale production.

Portable Industrial Mixers

The Original, Most Versatile and Affordable Heavy Duty Portable Mixers on the Market!

About Us

Mixall is a custom metal shop and manufacturer located in Newport, MN. Our portable mixers are one of the main products we produce in addition to custom manufacturing for a variety of clients. We value our customers and strive to build long lasting relationship with each of them.

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We’ve Been Building For Over 66 Years

CNC Milling & Drilling

Experience precision and efficiency with our custom CNC solutions. Our state-of-the-art Hurco CNC machines exemplify our commitment to quality and innovation in manufacturing.

CNC Laser

Discover cutting-edge precision with our custom CNC laser manufacturing services, powered by the advanced HTEC machine.

Based on 5 reviews
Glen Gregerson
Glen Gregerson
I've been running my projects through Manufab for the last 10 years and couldn't be happier with the results, service, and partnership. My projects have ranged from small prototypes sketched out on napkins to large, multi-process production equipment. The team at Manufab has always come through, making my projects successful by exceeded my expectations!
Nathan Lise
Nathan Lise
Manufab is a machine shop, but have done some amazing work for me when I was at 3M Company. Kevin the owner is great at prototyping and working out creative solutions to tough machine problems. He has saved 3M hundreds of thousands of dollars by finding economic ways to make parts that were almost impossible in their original designs. Manufab has a true customer service mentality, and it goes beyond just building what is on the print. When the print is dumb, they will challenge with questions about tolerances, materials or whatever seems like it may have been an oversight. Additionally, Manufab does not seem to be in business to charge the maximum the customers will pay. Instead they charge what it costs them to build it plus a reasonable profit. On items that they prototyped originally and are still used in a Juarez factory, they continue to supply the replicates as their delivered cost to ship from Minnesota is lower than the competitive local bids. Lastly if a specific project is not a good fit for Manufab, Kevin will tell you that in order to let you find the right shop. I have worked with Manufab for a vast array of projects for 20+ years and have recommended them to many colleagues who continue to use them today. I highly recommend using Manufab for custom machining and prototyping.
Joe Lehn
Joe Lehn
I have worked with Manufab and benefited from their expertise for over 20 years. Manufab has helped our company with one time and on-going projects. Many times we have turned to Manufab to solve problems when we had unusual needs that no one else could address. The quality of the products they produce are excellent and the turn around time is great
Ernie Berget
Ernie Berget
Manufab and I have worked together for many years on many projects. Always came in on budget and on time. Highly recommend 🙂
gary eastlund
gary eastlund
Manufab does great metal work at a very reasonable cost in a very timely manner. Good people with a great attitude. Proactive in solving problems and making your project better while keeping costs down. My go-to machine shop.

Let’s Build Something Together

What is Mixall's response time to inquiries?

Mixall is committed to exceptional customer service, aiming to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. Our dedicated support team ensures prompt and efficient communication to address your needs and questions.

Does Mixall offer global shipping?

Yes, Mixall provides worldwide shipping services, ensuring that our high-quality CNC machined parts are delivered globally, meeting the logistical needs of our international clientele.

What is Mixall's experience in CNC Machining?

With over 15 years of specialized experience in CNC Machining, Mixall has established itself as an industry leader, delivering precision engineering solutions and contributing to the innovation and success of various sectors.

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